Emergency Glass Repair South Brisbane

NOAB Glass & Aluminium provide quick and reliable emergency glass repair services in the South Brisbane suburbs. Based in Mt. Gravatt, we can quickly get out to your residence in no time at all to keep your home safe. Had a window break in the middle of the night? Give our veteran glazier of over 10 years’ experience a call, and we’ll be out to you in no time at all to clean up the area safely and replace the window.

We carry a wide range of glass with us at all times allowing us to cut to most common sizes on-site, but please be aware that if your glass is specialised, we may need to place a priority order, or install temporary glass that may not match with your other glass panels. To speed up the process of glass replacement, we recommend that you take photos and measurements, but only if it is safe to do so.

Although we carry most standard sizes and types of glass, if the broken glass is in a public area or an area requiring high security, we’ll temporarily board up the windows after cleaning up the shattered glass to prevent break-ins if glass in your specific size cannot be sourced or cut straight away.

What Should I Do?

If you’ve called us for emergency glass repair, we recommend not cleaning up the glass yourself, especially if it’s in a vulnerable area. Make sure you alert those nearby and, if it’s in a public area, put some warning signage up to ensure you aren’t endangering anyone. When we arrive, we’ll use professional methods to ensure the mess from your shattered glass is cleaned up properly to prevent harm. If it is safe to do so, take some measurements of the window or door and some photos before you ring us to speed up the process.

If your glass shattering isn’t likely to cause great inconvenience, harm or security vulnerabilities, and you think you can safely clean up the smashed glass, we recommend waiting until business hours to call us. If you decide that you can safely clean up the smashed glass without endangering yourself or others, make sure to use thick gloves and protected footwear, double-checking the floor after you’re done, remembering that glass spreads far on tiled floors.

Emergency Glass Repair

Get in touch with NOAB Glass & Aluminium to arrange fast response emergency glass repair, no matter the time of day. Call 0401 171 117.