South Brisbane Door Repairs

NOAB Glass & Aluminium are expert door repairers and glaziers based in Mt. Gravatt, servicing the Southern Brisbane suburbs. Have your doors stopped working effectively? Give us a call! We work on doors of all types. Visiting you will be our veteran glazier and door repairer with over 10 years’ experience, giving you peace of mind that your door will be repaired efficiently and effectively, and won’t require servicing for a long time to come.

Our expert installers are proficient in the installation, repair and servicing of all door components, be they for sliding, pivot or hinged doors. This includes:

  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Automatic Door Stoppers
  • Handles

If you’ve got malfunctioning locks, or want the locks changed, we can eliminate the hassle of calling a locksmith and organise one for you! Be they individual or key-alike to minimise the number of keys on your keyring, we’ll organise a cost-effective, skilled locksmith from your local area to help finish the job after we’ve repaired and replaced the components of your doors.

Weather Repairs

It’s not uncommon for doors to jam up after rapid temperature changes. If you’ve found that your door has warped slightly after a spate of wild weather and have difficulty opening and shutting the door, go ahead and give us a call. We’ll work on your door and its components to get the door properly aligned with the lock and hinges once again.

Glass Replacement

Had a big crack develop in your door’s glass panel, or worse yet, has it shattered entirely? Give us a call and have us quickly install a like-for-like replacement. We can install tinted, frosted and textured glass into your door to match your existing door. If you desperately need a replacement for safety concerns or you believe it to be too dangerous to clean up the shattered glass, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 emergency repairs service.

South Brisbane Door Repairs

Get in touch with NOAB Glass & Aluminium for fast door repairs and servicing in all South Brisbane suburbs. Call 0401 171 117 for a quote.